3 Steps to High Quality Blog Content

When it comes to producing a quality blog post, less is more, relevance is critical, and credibility is king. With all of the information that’s readily available to us, we must ensure that our blog post will stand out above the rest. Below are 3 characteristics that high-quality blog posts possess:

1.) Relevance: is the blog post content relevant to your reader’s needs? Does it provide the reader with actionable substance? Does it compel the reader to dig deeper within your blog to find relative information?
2.) Authenticity: Is you blog post credible? Does it provide topic-related facts that support your argument? Can the reader count on your blog post to support their cause or project?
3.) Clarity: Is your blog post succinct and clear? Is it written in a simple style and language? Is the information laid out directly with the main conclusion easy to decipher?

Social Media Needs a Plan

New Jersey based Digital Brand Expressions released a new research report that discusses how
companies are embracing social media throughout their organizations. According to DBE, the study …

“looked at if companies are using social media, how they are approaching its incorporation into business communications, if they have a strategic social media plan in place, and which business units are involved in the planning, measurement, and use of social media.”

Some interesting highlights from the report include:

  • While 78% of respondents indicated that their business is actively using social media, only 41% reported that these activities are covered under a company plan.
  • Of companies with a social media plan in place, 94% include marketing activities within the plan, but only 16% include Human Resources or recruiting activities
  • Of those companies that don’t have a strategic plan but think it is important to create one, the number one activity rated as important to include in a social media plan is allocating resources for ongoing activities

Click to download DBE’s Corporate Social Media Study

Top 3 Reasons I Like Kentico CMS

I had the opportunity this week to travel to Boston (Westborough actually) to meet with the folks at Wakefly for a day of CMS training. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I’m working on a project to redesign my company’s website and purchasing and implementing a new CMS is at the very heart of the project.

For those of you unfamiliar with Wakefly, they ” …deliver positive ROI driven results through the use of online marketing, including search engine marketing and web design and development.” A key element in making all of this happen is a CMS called Kentico.

I really, really like Kentico and I’m thrilled that Wakefly is one of their premier partners. I’d like to blog in detail about why I think Kentico is such a superior CMS but for now, I’ll leave you with my Top 3 favorites features:

  1. The administrator has the ability to manage multiple sites from a single UI. Those site can share content and settings
  2. It provides you with the ability to schedule content publication
  3. It has a built-in and customizable workflow as well as versioning and unlimited rollback

I’m assuming that these features are not entirely unique to Kentico. In fact, I know they’re not as I’ve worked with other CMS solutions. But what makes Kentico stand out is its ease-of-use and almost “dummy-proof” navigation. Two features (or shall I say, “benefits”) that I find are hard to come by in other CMS solutions.

Like I said, I will post in more detail regarding my experiences with its implementation and how it works once our new Binary Tree website goes live. Stay tuned!